The products are the result of over 30 years of R&D into
  • Cavitation
  • Low resistance hulls
  • High efficiency propulsion
  • Control, motion and craft dynamics
Ecospeed’s totally unique Computational Flluid Dynamics (CFD) computer codes have been specifically developed to deal with the complex conditions pertaining in close proximity to the air/water interface and integrate structural analysis, motion analysis and wind/wave models. These codes have enabled the rapid and precise optimisation of propulsion and hull systems
  • Active hull systems have evolved which dramatically reduce the power required, especially for faster craft
  • Extremely efficient electric drives have been developed recently which will hopefully give this market a boost due to faster speeds and improved range.
Although new to the market, the products have been subjected to thousands of hours of testing at powers between 1kW and 1MW validating performance and durability, as well as validating manufacturing processes.