Summary of the Ecospeed offer


  • Dual ultra-high efficiency electric propulsors – can be rapidly changed in-water
  • Complete drive train included
  • Micro-controlled precision thrust vectoring
  • Multiple high efficiency lightweight generators offer rapid swap-out
  • Advanced hybrid drives eliminate need for auxiliary generators
  • Configurable battery packs can deliver extended emission-free range if required
  • Digital control with remote monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Optional satellite communication
  • High accuracy, real-time, self-optimising propulsion design code
  • Optimised and validated design
  • Digital vessel ’micro-control’ controllers
  • Integrated electric drive
  • Advanced (optional autonomous) navigation
  • DP 2 – dynamic positioning and dual redundancy
  • Proven upscaling

Eliminates the need for the following:

  • No hydraulic or mechanical drives
  • No rudders, skegs or bow/stern thrusters
  • No auxiliary generators,
  • Starter and other batteries not required
  • Winches, pumps or other auxiliaries replaced by electric units